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My Brother got a book published / Come to Irish Heritage Fair!

So my Brother Nick just got a book published- I know that's no big deal to some of you, but I think it's awesome! It's a history of the US from the 1870's to the 1970's told through snapshots and the bits I've seen of it are pretty cool :) Here's the link!
Also, I'm gonna be at Irish Heritage fair pretty much the entire weekend- I'm performing on Saturday, the kids are performing on Sunday, and we're supposedly doing some sort of advanced ceili thing Friday night. I'm a little unclear on whether it's an exhibition or if the guy who's running the dance wanted to make sure that if he wanted to call some of the more complicated dances there'd be enough people to do them, but whatever- it'll be fun!

Saturday, I'm performing 12:30-1 and 2-2:30 and Sunday the kids are performing at 1 and at 5 though that show runs 45min I think. Anyway, if you're out there you should stop in! Otherwise I'll probably be at the ceili dance tent taking set and sean nos dance lessons from Ger Butler (who's supposed to be  an amazing teacher- I'm so excited!!) or dancing at one of the ceilis, or listening to the Tannahill Weavers (I'm way too excited about them too!!) or Flogging Molly or I don't know -there's too much to see and do! Hope to see you out there!
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yum yum forbidden kingdom!

ah how my little kung fu lovin' heart is going pitter-pat! Forbidden Kingdom comes out tonight! Jet Li and Jackie Chan together! YAY!! Ok so there's a stupid american kid in the story too, which means that the plot is probably going to suck in the worst way, but Jet Li and Jackie Chan! And fight choreography by Yuen Woo Ping!  And Jet Li's the Monkey King! Do you know how much I love the Monkey King??  Hurry up midnight, I wannago wannago wannago!!!
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Excuse me, my geek is showing

Ever read the Dragonlance Series? Well, now you can see it!  Wow, does it look craptacular, but oddly I think I'd enjoy watching it- preferably with a bunch of people to share the pain. I mean, how can you resist horrible animation, terrible writing (if the trailer is any indication), and the vocal talents of Keifer Sutherland as Raistlin and Lucy Lawless as Goldmoon? How can that possibly fail to be entertaining in an awful sort of way? I'm just sayin'....
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Bonnie Tyler, where are you?

Hey guys, there's a total eclipse of the moon tomorrow night. It's the last total eclipse until December of 2010 so you should check it out! It starts around 7:30pm and ends around 11 so it should be easy for everyone to check out unless you're working like me. Here's a link for those of you inclined to geek out about such things.

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Some people are not bright  I found this amusing mostly because its from Stamford (where I grew up) and I can remember hanging out with my friend Karina at the McDonald's that they mention. We used to go there really late at night because it was closest fast food place that was open 24 hours. It was always an adventure when we went there, usually of the creepy old trucker or crazy drunk variety. As I recall, we stopped going there after the time we had to skirt around the edges of a big fight that broke out in the parking lot while we were inside.  Ah, the weird things that make me nostalgic...

on another note- thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes and/or hung out with me on my birthday- you guys are awesome!

on yet another note-  I love this song! The beginning used to be the opening for one of my favorite radio shows as a teenager, WLIR's "off the boat". For whatever reason, perfectly fits my mood of the past few days. I should really dig out my other The The albums and give them a listen again- I used to really love Infected and I wonder if it'll hold up after all these years.
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Dreamy Stars

what a beuatiful night!

what a perfect night to be outside- just cold enough to make a cup of hot cocoa enjoyable, but not necessary when you come inside. I hope you all got to enjoy today's lovely weather!
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